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Vietnam aluminum products in the mechanical and electronic industries

Aluminum is applied to production activities in mechanical and electronics in various way.

Applications of aluminum in the mechanical industry in Vietnam
Unlike iron, aluminum metal is understood as a non-ferrous metal. When iron was born and has a history of thousands of years, aluminum metal appeared and was widely used for about a century. Although appearing later, the use-value of aluminum is extremely precious. Thanks to features such as great strength, high corrosion resistance, lighter than iron, good thermal and electrical conductivity, and low melting point, aluminum are widely used in production and daily life.

Applications of aluminum in the electronics industry in Vietnam

Aluminum has been used for busbars since 60 years ago and started to have a breakthrough from 1960 onwards, Aluminum is more and more used for many applications in manufacturing and busbar applications due to its lightweight and its durability.

Tubular aluminum is used exclusively for the grid substation busbar at 275kV and 400kV and is increasingly used at 132kV for substation renovation and redevelopment.

Aluminum is used in large industrial plants equipped with many furnaces and electrochemical plants because of the availability of large cross-section cast bars (up to 600mm × 150mm). Aluminum is also used in switchgear and main systems because of its lighter weight than copper.

Power cable
Aluminum is widely used in the conductor industry with cross-sections of 16mm2 used in power cables 66kV and above.

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