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Exports 35% Of Mechanical Production In 2020

According to This strategy, the general goal of 2035 Vietnam’s mechanical industry is to develop with the majority of advanced technology production, quality products with international standards…

According to This strategy, the general goal of 2035 Vietnam’s mechanical industry is to develop with the majority of advanced technology production, quality products with international standards, further participant into the global value chain, utility energy saving, efficiency, equality competition in international integration; professional workforce, disciplined and highly productive, proactive in the stages of research, design, Fabrication of mechanical products.

The goal of developing mechanical industry in Vietnam

In terms of export of 2020 period, export production activities will reach 35% of the total mechanical sector production, period to 2030 reached 40%. By 2035, 45% of the total mechanical production will be achieved.
Moreover, the strategy of 2025 will be the focusing on the development of several segments of automotive engineering, tractors, agricultural machines, works equipment, industrial equipment and electrical equipment, capable of meeting the requirements of the economy and partially exported; The basic mechanical workforce has adequate levels to meet the needs of modern production.
After 2025, witnessed a number of consulting and fabrication contractors with the ability to master the design and fabrication of auxiliary equipment, EPC package of industrial buildings; Focusing on supporting a number of enterprises in the country which has the potential to become strong corporations in the area in the manufacturing field such as automotive, agricultural machinery and electrical equipment; Formation of industrial enterprise system supporting the mechanical industry-standard supplier directly to the complete product manufacturing enterprises, actively engaged in the global value chain, with small and medium enterprise audience occupy the dominant role.
The strategy also defines implementation policies, further reviewing amendments and additions to the promotion of mechanical engineering policies including tax incentives (corporate income tax, import duties), investment and business support measures in accordance with the Law on simplified investment. Administrative procedures; Continuance of reviewing amendments, additions, and completion of the policy mechanism to support the mechanical industry in accordance with the legislation on investment and commitment to international economic integration and the economic orientation of the socialist market to create motivation for the development of mechanical industry in Vietnam. , in close cooperation with the development of the bipartisan industry; Promote supporting industry development, increase the rate of domestic production value, build production chain, assemble the mechanical product in the country and actively participate in the production chain of the world mechanical industry.
The Prime Minister requires the focus on developing some basic materials for Vietnam’s mechanical industry, in order to take advantage of the comparison of domestic mineral resources with advanced technology level, highly competitive and environmentally friendly; Create a market segment in the selected subdivision, create a protopic for the mechanical engineering industry and enhance fabrication capability. Issuing regulations to protect domestic goods that have been manufactured, consistent with international commitments.

Attracting multi-national manufacturing corporations

Attracting multi-national manufacturing corporations with the potential and brands with attractive support to implement the investment policy with a focus, the focus of which is particularly focused on projects that produce important mechanical products , potentially competitive, have large enough market capacity; At the same time, emphasis on investment promotion for small and medium enterprises, especially in the field of additive industry, in the direction of selective quality projects, high value, using modern technology , environmentally friendly.
The state has a policy to support enterprises in purchasing design, technology, technology innovation, manufacturing equipment, applying technology and advanced production management model to improve energy efficiency, input resources , improving productivity, quality and competitiveness of mechanical products; Diversification and product differences. Support product branding and development, or assist in acquiring branded global businesses, including the R & D section to shorten the development process.
The state prioritizes investment in upgrading mechanical and training facilities, mounting training with practice; supporting the funding of elected staff, skilled workers to train and internship in foreign countries according to programs and projects approved, gradually build the force of the Master of Engineers and engineers.
The state also has the mechanism of credit interest for investment and loan tenor for mechanical equipment manufacturers with sufficiently large market capacity; Construction of information systems for mechanical Engineering to serve as a database to the state and business administration agencies; enhancing and promoting the role of industry associations in the linking of enterprises in the mechanical industry, overcoming the separation and dispersion status in the mechanical industry.

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